Project Details

Project Description

Project Overview: Situated in the bustling heart of Manchester City Centre, the electrical installation project at Level 5 was a pivotal endeavor within a newly constructed, state-of-the-art building. Charged with elevating the functionality, safety, and visual allure of the space, our team embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of the electrical infrastructure. Emphasizing a commitment to the highest standards, we aimed to set a new benchmark for excellence in electrical engineering.

Scope of Work:

  1. Primary Containment Installation:
    • Meticulously installed exposed high-level primary containment systems, meticulously crafted from galvanized trunking, tray, and wire basket components, ensuring unparalleled support and protection for the intricate network of electrical cabling.
    • Implemented underfloor primary containment solutions, meticulously engineered with galvanized trunking, tray, and wire basket systems, to intricately organize and safeguard cabling beneath the pristine floor surfaces of the newly constructed building.
  1. LV Distribution and Power Systems:
    • Deployed cutting-edge LV distribution boards engineered to the highest specifications, meticulously managing power distribution across the premises with unmatched precision.
    • Installed underfloor 3-phase busbar tracks of the utmost quality, seamlessly channeling power to new floor boxes with unparalleled efficiency and reliability within the newly built structure.
    • Established a robust infrastructure for general power and mechanical power within surface galvanized trunking, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted power supply that adheres to the highest standards of reliability and safety.
  1. Lighting Installation:
    • Executed the installation of both general and emergency lighting systems throughout the premises and its external spaces with exacting precision.
    • Integrated exquisite decorative light fittings to elevate the ambiance and visual appeal of every corner of the newly constructed building.
    • Implemented sophisticated 45-degree suspended DALI lighting tracks in open-plan office areas, offering a level of versatility and customization that exemplifies our unwavering commitment to excellence.
  1. Specialist System Containment:
    • Installed surface galvanized secondary containment systems meticulously engineered to accommodate a range of specialist systems, including data, BMS, AV, fire alarm, door access systems, and intruder alarm systems, ensuring seamless integration while maintaining the highest standards of organization and security.
  1. Space Layout and Features:
    • Within the newly constructed building, meticulously designed spaces included expansive open-plan office areas, thoughtfully appointed meeting rooms, meticulously crafted kitchens, and immaculate toilet facilities. Additionally, the building boasted two communications rooms, four balcony areas, and an external garden adorned with a striking large chessboard and a captivating DJ booth, enhancing the allure of the workspace environment.
  1. Testing and Compliance:
    • Following installation, conducted exhaustive testing and commissioning of all new services to ensure strict compliance with current wire regulations. Our meticulous approach to testing and commissioning reflects our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of safety, functionality, and regulatory compliance within the newly constructed building.

Conclusion: The successful completion of the electrical installation project at Level 5 in Manchester City Centre, nestled within a newly constructed architectural marvel, is a testament to our dedication to setting new standards of excellence in electrical engineering. By adhering to the most rigorous standards and embracing a meticulous attention to detail, we have not only enhanced the operational efficiency, safety, and aesthetic appeal of the premises but also established a new benchmark for excellence in electrical installations within the industry.