Project Details

Project Description

Project Overview: In collaboration with Conlon Construction and as part of a Manchester City Council initiative, we embarked on a comprehensive electrical upgrade project at New Moston Primary School spanning three phases, executed during the summers of 2021, 2022, and 2023. Our goal was to modernize and fortify the school’s electrical infrastructure while ensuring minimal disruption to its daily operations.


Phase 1 & 2 (Summer 2021 & 2022): We initiated the project with the meticulous installation of primary containment systems within the existing loft spaces. Over a period of four weeks during each phase, our team diligently worked night shifts to accomplish this crucial preparatory task. Wire basket containment was methodically mounted to provide support for subsequent electrical installations.

Following the installation of primary containment, we proceeded to implement secondary containment systems using surface PVC conduit. Within this conduit, LSF/twin and earth cabling were carefully routed to deliver small power and lighting services throughout the school premises. Simultaneously, we integrated new mechanical power systems to support heating, ventilation, and air conditioning requirements. Safety measures were enhanced with the strategic installation of fire alarm systems, while door access and CCTV systems were deployed to bolster security.

Throughout each phase, our team conducted comprehensive testing and commissioning procedures to ensure the functionality and compliance of the newly installed electrical systems, meeting regulatory standards and operational requirements seamlessly.


Phase 3 (Summer 2023): The final phase of the project marked a significant milestone as we collaborated with Electricity North West to upgrade the electrical supply from a 100amp three-phase configuration to a robust 400amp three-phase supply. This upgrade was essential to accommodate the increased demand from the new facilities, including the construction of a kitchen extension.

Within the existing building, we continued our meticulous work, installing primary and secondary containment systems to support the extension’s electrical requirements. New small power and lighting services were seamlessly integrated into the extension using LSF/twin and earth cabling mounted in surface PVC conduit.

As with previous phases, thorough testing and commissioning procedures were carried out to ensure the reliability and safety of the newly installed systems. Our partnership with Electricity North West ensured a smooth transition and the successful completion of the supply upgrade, further enhancing the school’s electrical infrastructure.

Project Completion: The successful execution of this comprehensive electrical rewire project underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions with minimal disruption. By modernizing and enhancing New Moston Primary School’s electrical infrastructure, we have contributed to creating a safer, more efficient, and technologically advanced learning environment for students and staff alike.