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    Greenwoods Construction

Project Description

Background: Persistent roof leaks at St. Agnes Primary School had caused significant damage throughout the building, jeopardizing its structural integrity. Concerns over the safety and functionality of the school prompted the Manchester City Council to undertake a project for a complete roof replacement. As a subcontractor to Greenwoods Construction, our responsibility was to manage the removal and reinstatement of all electrical services affected by the roof replacement.

Scope of Work: The project involved replacing the roof, which had sustained major damage due to persistent leaks, affecting various areas of the school:

  • School Hall
  • Half of the first floor (classrooms, corridors, WC’s, and stairwells)
  • Sections of the second floor (classrooms)

Preparatory Phase: Before commencing work, we conducted an extensive electrical installation report and survey to assess the condition of the existing infrastructure. The findings highlighted the extent of the damage caused by the persistent leaks, further emphasizing the urgency of the roof replacement project.

Execution: Our team meticulously isolated and removed all existing electrical services, including primary and secondary containment, small power systems, mechanical power, BMS wiring, fire alarm systems, intruder alarm systems, disabled WC alarm systems, disabled refuge systems, AV installations, and CCTV wiring.

With the affected areas cleared, Greenwoods Construction initiated the roof replacement, addressing the underlying issues that had compromised the school’s structural integrity.

Reinstatement: Following the roof replacement, we reinstated all electrical services to their original configuration. This involved recreating the layout and functionality of the removed services to seamlessly integrate with the new roof and ensure the safety and functionality of the school’s electrical systems.

Testing and Commissioning: After reinstatement, thorough testing and commissioning procedures were conducted to verify the functionality, safety, and compliance of the electrical systems, ensuring that they met regulatory standards and operated seamlessly.

Project Completion: Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our team and Greenwoods Construction, the project was completed on time, restoring St. Agnes Primary School’s structural integrity and providing a safe and conducive learning environment for students and staff.