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Project Description

Project Overview: The transformation of St. Christopher’s Primary School in Ashton, Manchester, demanded a comprehensive electrical overhaul to adapt its infrastructure to contemporary educational needs. The project aimed to reconfigure key areas including the reception, classrooms, staff kitchen, headmaster’s office, and reception lobby. Our team played a pivotal role in this transformation by executing a detailed electrical installation plan.

Scope of Work:

  1. Primary Containment Installation: We meticulously laid down new primary containment pathways to house electrical wiring, ensuring organized and safe distribution of power throughout the premises.
  2. LV Distribution: To accommodate the increased power demands resulting from the reconfiguration, we implemented new Low Voltage (LV) distribution systems, strategically positioned to ensure optimal coverage.
  3. Relocation of Distribution Board: A pre-existing distribution board was carefully relocated to suit the revised layout, prioritizing accessibility and efficiency.
  4. New Small Power Installation: Throughout the renovated spaces, we installed a network of small power outlets, strategically positioned to provide convenient access to electrical resources for various activities and devices.
  5. Mechanical Power Integration: To support the operation of essential mechanical equipment within the school, we seamlessly integrated mechanical power systems into the electrical infrastructure.
  6. Comprehensive Lighting Solutions: Internal and external lighting solutions were meticulously installed to enhance visibility, safety, and ambiance, promoting conducive learning and working environments.
  7. Data Infrastructure: Robust data infrastructure was deployed to facilitate seamless communication and connectivity, empowering students and staff with efficient access to digital resources.
  8. Fire Alarm System: A state-of-the-art fire alarm system was meticulously installed to ensure the safety and security of occupants, meeting rigorous safety standards and regulations.
  9. Intruder Alarm System: Adding an extra layer of security, we integrated an intruder alarm system to safeguard the premises against unauthorized access and intrusion, providing peace of mind for staff and students alike

Testing and Commissioning: Following installation, each component underwent rigorous testing and commissioning procedures to validate functionality, efficiency, and compliance. This meticulous approach ensured that all systems operated at peak performance levels, meeting stringent quality and safety standards.

Project Outcome: Despite the challenges posed by tight deadlines, our team successfully completed the electrical installation project at St. Christopher’s Primary School, delivering enhanced functionality, safety, and efficiency just in time for the new school term. The project exemplifies our commitment to excellence in electrical engineering and our ability to deliver high-quality solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of educational institutions.